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Abandoned Property Security Lighting

The Abandoned Property Lighting System is an integrated remote LED lighting system that reduces trespassing and theft in vacant and abandoned buildings. The self contained abandoned property unit houses the battery and intelligent light driver. The system also features interconnect plugs which connect to the Led fixture and remote solar array.

Abandoned Property Security Lighting is ideal for:

• Vacant commercial properties

• New construction

• Vacant retail

• Abandoned buildings

• Foreclosed homes

• Seasonal cottages/homes

Abandoned Property Security Lighting features bright white and efficient IllumiSign™ LED fixtures rated to 70,000 hours (LM70). IllumiSign™ fixtures feature universal mounting brackets, which allow it to be installed in any direction including a downward pattern to reduce light pollution while maintaining desired light levels for enhanced security. The system is designated for use in a variety of projects across the world to provide reliable, renewable lighting that is weather, corrosion resistant, and features tamper proof security features for theft prevention.


• Optional remote mounting of solar panel array

• Distributed light and power – no single point of failure for enhanced security

• No line voltage, trenching, or metering

• No electrical charges

• No scheduled maintenance for up to five year

• 5-night battery back up for cloudy days

• Immune to power outages

• Easy to install with quick connect plugs


Abandoned Property Light

• Operating Voltage: 25 VDC


• PV Panel:

Mounts directly on roof or remotely on pole

80 Watt


• Fixtures:

6 watts (3 watts per Unilight)


• Power Management:

Sol Eterno® solid state controller


Modes of Operation:

Dawn to dusk

Split Night run time after dusk and/or before dawn


• Abandoned Property Unit:

Sturdy, vented polypropylene enclosure with interconnect plugs

• NRGLife™ Batteries:

One maintenance free GEL cell battery rated at 100 Ah

Battery weighs approx. 68 lbs

• Warranty:

5 years limited system warranty

20 year limited solar panel warranty


• Manufacturing:

Assembled in USA

ISO 9001:2001 certified facility


Product Brochure



  • GSA
  • IDA
  • Energy Star
  • American Solar
  • Nalmco
  • IES
  • Fare
  • FREA

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